Today the Ministry of State Administration and Administrative Reform has announces a tender for the purchase of 60 000 new licenses for Microsoft products by the year 2012. The interesting fact this time is that the order is specifically given for this company’s products.

According to the Ministry’s press release, “The few examples of migrations to other platforms show a necessity of serious financial resources, including for retraining of the staff to work with the new software systems, as well as a long enough period of implementation.”

What’s wrong with that?

  1. "The experts" don’t have a clue what it is all about. Have a look at the motives for choosing Microsoft software
  2. The state will spend millions to purchase those licenses
  3. It will oblige our Administration to use this company’s products by 2012
  4. It will give all the data, used or stored by the Administration, in the hands of a commercial organisation
  5. It will surrender the management of all the State Administration’s processes on local and national level in the hands of a single company and its products
  6. The purchase of software from Microsoft leads to dependence on one company, contributes to the brain drain and it is unnecessary spending for us tax-payers. The money may be spent on development and research activities for Bulgarian projects and trainings of the state administration to work with open source based software.

The State becomes a hostage of a single company

It is known for years that the Microsoft OS is like a black box. You have put inside it everything you know, but you actually don't know what is inside it and how exactly it works. What will happen if in one nice moment it just starts to change its properties on its own, which is what is happening now according to this news?

What will happen if all your documents disappear mysteriously? Because this black box may start destroying them in this very moment, and according to its license its manufacturer is not responsible and even if he is, it doesn't matter that much since our entire administration works with it.
Sell something to someone and keep your customer a hostage - great strategy! Having in mind that 80% of the state structures are using Windows, what would happen if the OS stops working because it has downloaded the new version of a given file?

You trust something you don’t know how it works and what it consists of. You’ve got yourselves a black box and you are building all your work over it. And it is going to explode soon. 5 millions Skype users already felt what it was like to rely on the black box and its ability to update itself. Great! Bravo! Hurray! And what if the state stops working? I mean if it really stops working? No state administration, police, army, electricity?

The state is paying millions for years so it can depend on private interests? Until when we are going to lack the certainty that we are living in a country which can provide it own security alone?

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